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Consistently, McWhorter Goss General Contractors takes on new challenges and raises the standard with every completed project.


McWhorter Goss General Contractors aims to be an ally and a valuable resource to our clients.  As a cornerstone of the community, our longevity provides assurance that we will be available should needs arise in the future.  We serve in a variety of roles, from advisor to manager and general contractor.  This flexibility makes us unique and predominant in our field.

We are solicited with consideration for our background, knowledge, and experience, but also because of the passion we pour into every project.  Simply put, with every solicitation, we ask ourselves the question, “Can we contribute to the success of this project?”


  • Commercial– a range of commercial construction projects including tasks as simple as “white box” build outs for commercial retail units, and the construction of retail and office centers
    Historic Preservation – numerous award-winning projects and recognition from various preservation organizations
  • Recreation & Education– gymnasiums, ballparks, theatres, performing arts facilities and religious centers
  • Industrial– additions onto warehouse facilities, manufacturing line conversion, air & hydraulic line replacement, crane installation, equipment conversion and more
  • Residential– from new construction to alterations, additions, single family dwellings, multi-family residential and loft apartments, including extensive masonry repair, fire & water damage; new homes from $100k to $700k, and a residential loft project valued at over four million dollars
  • Government Project Management– with local government agencies and municipalities to act in a management capacity on road projects, recreation projects, historic preservation projects, master planning, and public works bidding

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